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After almost a year of construction, Spartan Rescue Inc. and the Brotherhood Instructors Canada are proud to welcome you to our official website.  The aim of the site is to provide a post course resource for participants to discuss and review skills that tend to diminish over time.  By signing up as a member, you will have access to course pictures, videos and a discussion forum to debate technique, equipment, up-coming courses and past courses with other like-minded professionals.  All members will have access to ‘Member Only Seminars’ that occur periodically in order to test new equipment, test new course concepts, practice skills on a newly acquired training ground or just practice skills.  Although we traditionally have not offered open enrolment courses, 2014 will include a small series of courses aimed at the individual professional looking to expand their knowledge base. To book a private course for your organization please contact us at [email protected] or [email protected].

Please feel free to navigate through our site, sign up to create a member account, and visit our blog where we will be writing occasionally on new techniques, equipment reviews or anything else related to what we do.

The larger our community becomes, the safer we will all be doing what we do for a living.  We don’t believe in trade secrets or proprietary knowledge when it comes to safety which is why we created this site in the first place.  Please encourage other like-minded people to come join the discussions in our Discussion Forum.

And finally, if you have any input on how we could improve this resource please let us know.

Thanks for Visiting!


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