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Rope Rescue Technician – Level III


Spartan Rescue Inc. is proud to offer Rope Rescue Technician III. This course provides an intense, 3 day, 24-hour training in Advanced Rope Rescue Skills.

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Spartan Rescue Inc. is proud to offer Rope Rescue Technician III. This course provides an intense, 3 day, 24-hour training in Advanced Rope Rescue Skills. Focusing on rescues from unique structures and high angle rescue physics, this course will show members actual forces within a rescue system using dynamometers in a variety of applications. Members will be able to explore actual measurements in various angle configurations, force multipliers, vector forces, friction coefficients, actual mechanical advantage and even effects of dynamic loading. This course will also explore various specialized rescue operations such as various “bottom up” rescues, tower rescue and ski lift evacuation. This course should be reserved for experienced rescue professionals as it is extremely challenging both physically and mentally.


  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must have completed Rope Rescue Technician Level II or equivalent
  • Must be a Firefighter, Police Officer, Military or Representative of another Professional Organization.

Skills Taught Include:
Updates on the latest equipment, systems testing, belaying techniques; equipment and systems demonstration tests; advanced anchor systems; manufactured and improvised artificial high anchor points; high lines; guiding lines; advanced litter handling techniques; and numerous challenging real-life rescue scenarios. The hands-on intensive scenarios will challenge your decision-making abilities and improve your capability to conduct advanced team rescues.

Course Includes:

  • Spartan Rescue Certificate of Completion
  • Spartan Rescue 2 year Membership

Class Size:

Limited to 12 members. We emphasize hands-on, “learn by doing” instruction and encourage participation by everyone in the class. Successful completion of the course will be determined by candidates successfully completing the skills assessment and achieving 80 percent or greater on the multiple choice test.

What to Bring to the Class:

  • Eye Protection
  • Rope Rescue Gloves or New Leather Gloves
  • Work Wear, Long Pants or Work Coveralls
  • CSA Steel Toe Work Boots
  • Scientific Calculator
  • Note Taking Material
  • Cameras are encouraged on the training ground
  • We will be outside most of the course so dress appropriately for the weather.

Note: Ordering a class on-line indicates that you have read and agree to the Terms of Enrollment. You must also complete and submit the Waiver of Liability and Medical Form that will be provided on the first day of the course. If any members appear to be fatigued, injured, or otherwise deemed by the instructors unable to participate, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol your participation will be immediately discontinued and your enrollment will be forfeited. When your purchase a class by selecting “Buy Now” you will be sent an order confirmation number reserving your spot in the course for the selected date. By purchasing the course you are agreeing to all Spartan Rescue Inc. and Brotherhood Instructors Canada Terms and Conditions, Cancellation Policy and all requirements listed above.


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