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Forcible Entry Operations Bundle – Basic and Advanced

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This Spartan Rescue Inc. course is a Combination of both Forcible Entry Operations – Basic and Forcible Entry Operations – Advanced bundled into two consecutive days.

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Until recently, heavily fortified doors requiring an extensive forcible entry operation were limited to larger cities or select suburbs. Statistics show that crime is being driven to the suburbs and outlying areas causing security-conscious residents to secure their homes using methods that some departments deem new or unfamiliar. Major advancements have been made in locks and locking devices making even simple forcible entry operations more challenging. The days of “kicking down doors” are over. Kicking a door is not only unprofessional, if continued it will certainly result in increasing medical leave, which translates to further staffing issues for your organization. Forcible entry when performed by a trained member or team can mean the difference between a quick well executed operation or complete operational failure and possibly injuries to team members or victims. Utilizing attributes such as knowledge, skill and correct technique instead of simply brute strength will allow passage through today’s forcible entry problems. All forcible entry topics below can be presented individually or as complete in-depth classes. Allow Spartan Rescue Inc. to share our “street-smart” approach to professional forcible entry. Our instructors, the in-depth content, our props, and our ability to provide realistic forcible entry training without an acquired structure puts Spartan Rescue Inc. at the top of market in forcible entry training. Don’t wait until 3am with a report of people trapped to hone your techniques!

This Spartan Rescue Inc. course is the successor of our extremely popular Forcible Entry Operations – Basic course. In this course members will perform Conventional Forcible Entry on inward opening fortified doors with angle-iron, inward opening doors in zero-visibility and in confined spaces, such as the bottom of a basement stair or tight hallway, and practice the baseball bat swing for inward opening doors. Additional conventional forcible entry rotations include four different methods of defeating slide-bolts, defeating carriage bolts and forcing an outward opening fortified door with a shield-guard. Power saw rotations include multiple cuts on window bar props with inboard & outboard saw configurations, gapping and cutting dead-bolts, cutting carriage bolts and foot-bolts, and various methods of roll-down gates and garage doors. Other rotations will include cutting torch operations, utilizing a hydraulic forcible entry tool on inward opening doors, and conventional forcible entry on other high-security devices such as Fox Locks & Police Locks. As always, all props were originated and designed by our instructors or Michael Perrone at Firehouse Innovations for maximum realism, allowing ALL MEMBERS to perform ALL ROTATIONS!


  • 08:30hrs – 16:30hrs


  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must be a Firefighter, Police Officer, Military or Representative of another Professional Organization.

Skills Taught Include:

Size up, Tools and Equipment, Conventional Forcible Entry (inward/outward swinging doors), Gates and Padlocks, “Through-the-Lock” techniques, Saw Cutting Techniques, Maintaining Door Control. Practical application is taught through scenarios drawn from actual rescue experience. Be prepared for a lot of information and an intense, hands-on class.Fortified doors with angle-iron; inward opening doors; zero-visibility; basement stair or tight hallway; baseball bat swing; slide-bolts; carriage bolts; outward opening fortified door with a shield-guard; power saw rotations; window bar props with inboard & outboard saw configurations; gapping and cutting dead-bolts; cutting carriage bolts and foot-bolts; roll-down gates and garage doors; high-security devices.

Course Includes:

  • Spartan Rescue Inc. Certificate of Completion
  • 2 year Membership

Class Size:
Limited to 30 participants. We emphasize hands-on learning by talking to you and not at you and encouraging participation by everyone in the class. Successful completion of the course will be determined by candidates successfully completing the requisite skills outlined in the course.

What to Bring to the Class:

  • Eye Protection
  • Hand Protection (Work or Auto Ex Gloves are acceptable)
  • Bunker Gear, Work Wear, or Work Coveralls
  • Helmet- Rescue or USAR Helmets are acceptable
  • Hearing Protection
  • CSA Steel Toe Workboots
  • Note Taking Material
  • Cameras are encouraged on the training ground
  • We will be outside most of the course so dress appropriately for the weather.

Note: Ordering a class on-line indicates that you have read, understand and agree to the Terms of Enrollment. You must also complete and submit the Waiver of Liability and Medical Form that will be provided on the first day of the course. If any members appear to be fatigued, injured, or otherwise deemed by the instructors unable to participate, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol your participation will be immediately discontinued and your enrollment will be forfeited. When your purchase a class by selecting “Buy Now” you will be sent an order confirmation number reserving your spot in the course for the selected date. By purchasing the course you are agreeing to all Spartan Rescue Inc. Terms and Conditions, Cancellation Policy and all requirements listed above.

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Niagara Falls, Ontario, Fergus, Ontario

2 reviews for Forcible Entry Operations Bundle – Basic and Advanced

  1. dstanekovic
    5 out of 5


    This bundle is a fantastic way for someone to get familiar with tools and then be able to put them into action.
    Day 1 was an eye opener into the forcible entry world.
    The “through the lock” skills are taught, explained and demonstrated so thouroughly and not just by a powerpoint. You get in there and get your hands dirty and get to handle all of the props brought out, and believe me, there was no shortage of them.
    Everyone has something to do, you wont be watching from the sidelines wondering when its your turn.

    Day two was the advanced portion.
    Saws, Zero visibility door forcing, reinforced locks, gated windows and much much more.
    Needless to say, the entire day flew by.
    we were put to work, but we loved every minute of it.

    The instructors present were every bit as knowledgeable and passionate about their craft as you would want someone teaching you to be.
    I would reccomend this course, Spartan Rescue & brotherhood instructors to anyone wanting to expand on their horizons.

    Thank you to all the instructors from the weekend for a great experience.

  2. Phil
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Enjoyed the course very much. Instructors were highly knowledgeable and delivered material in an engaging way. Tons of hands-on time with tools, props, etc. Would definitely recommend the course for anyone interested in the subject. The through-the-lock techniques seem like an extremely undervalued skill set among firefighters; courses like this will revolutionize your understanding of forcible entry!

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