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Q: Does Spartan Rescue Inc. offer Technical Rescue Instructor courses?

A: Spartan Rescue Inc. does not offer Technical Rescue Instructor Courses. However, we do offer a range of Technical Rescue courses that are best reserved for those that are current instructors looking for advanced knowledge on a subject (see Rope Rescue Technician III). Our approach to selecting and developing our own instructors is based on experience in the field; having extensive knowledge of applicable standards, legislation and equipment; possessing current and ongoing training within the specified discipline; and most importantly, having a positive and open minded attitude with the instructional capacity to educate an adult audience. We believe that it is up to the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to appoint and provide competent and adequate instructors based on knowledge, training, experience and proficient in adult learning techniques.

Q: When my Spartan Rescue or Brotherhood Instructors Canada certificate of completion expires, do I have to re-take the course?

A: As much as we would like to see you back at one of our open enrollment courses practicing your skills, you shouldn’t wait for your certificate to expire to begin to maintain these skills. Unlike a drivers’ license, the Certificate of Completion indicates that you successfully completed a series of skills based on a standard that was observed by our Instructors on a certain day and does not give you any proprietary right to apply these skills in the field. The position at Spartan Rescue Inc. is once your skill set and subject knowledge has diminished and you are no longer able to safely and efficiently perform the skills required of you under the standard in which you were trained, then you are no longer in good standing and should not be practicing these skills under any circumstances until you have been re trained by a competent person. The good news is that the expiry date on your certificate indicates that you will be able to log into or as a Member for 2 years and access resources that will assist you in keeping your skills current.

Q: What benefit do I get from becoming a Member at Spartan Rescue Inc.?

A: Once you have registered to become a Member you will be able to log in to a ‘Members Only’ side of the website that will contain a library of pictures and videos from selected courses, an online discussion forum where you can post questions and discuss topics with other like-minded professionals, have access to ‘Members Only” Training Seminars and opportunities to fill vacancies in open enrolment courses and Access manufacturers’ information on equipment used in the courses.

Q: Does Spartan Rescue Inc. offer NFPA compliant courses?

A: Yes, Spartan Rescue Inc. does offer NFPA Compliant courses. It is up to the training organization to develop their own curriculum to meet the standard that exists under the current version of NFPA 1006. The NFPA does not set curriculum for technical rescue, but instead sets individual skill sets or job performance requirements to be a considered a Technician Level I or Technician Level II in a select discipline. Awareness, Operations or Technician Level refers to the response level of an organization as a whole under NFPA 1670 instead of an individual rescuer under NFPA 1006. All of our courses are designed by us to meet the requirements of the relevant NFPA 1006 standards. We design skills stations, scenarios and book work to challenge participants and demonstrate NFPA 1006 compli‎ancey. As you are aware, the NFPA Standard does not address quality of training as that is a subjective topic. Safety and quality are our primary concerns when designing our course curriculum. This is why we do not offer many courses and why we take our time to design our props and secure training sites that will ensure the safety of our participants and quality of our course, while matching the required job performance requirement standard to the letter through our proprietary format. We are extremely passionate about our course offerings as we are all active responders in cities that reflect the courses we offer.

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