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‘Over the past two years the Guelph Fire Department has used Spartan Rescue Inc. to provide us with technical rescue training in the disciplines of Confined Space Rescue Technician Level I and II and Rope Rescue Technician Level I and II. Spartan Rescue Inc. delivered not only high quality and experienced instructors but offered pre course site evaluations, consultation with GFD team members to customize the courses to our specific needs and ongoing post course consultation and support to further develop our programs.

Spartan will lead your department in understanding and applying current NFPA standards, technical rescue equipment and techniques. The courses are challenging, intense, informative with an emphasis on safety and professionalism. If your department is looking to build a Special Operations program, Spartan Rescue Inc. will deliver and take you to a whole other level.

On behalf of myself and our members who have been trained by Spartan Rescue Inc., we thank you very much.”

Mark Mitchell / Chief Training Officer
Guelph Fire & Emergency Services

‘Good day, I just wanted to give you gentlemen my thoughts on the week of confined space training I received this week from Spartan.

First off, it was incredible! You could not have found a more knowledgeable group of guys for the topic of technical rescue! I was very impressed! This company uses trainers from the fire service, but more than that, the experience these instructors possessed was second to none! It was noticed early on that we did not have the prerequisite rope skills required to do confined space rescue, so Spartan spent a day training us on these skills to give us the rope skills to allow us to confidently set up and anchor the vortex system! They also spent time on belay techniques, knots and rigging skills that we should have possessed before this course! We now have a good understanding and skill set but our internal training should be increase by a technical rope one course as they only had time to teach us the basics of rope as they were hired to teach us confined space! Throughout the week Spartan put us through scenario after scenario that could happen! Short lunches and short breaks were the theme of the week but that’s okay because they had a schedule that had to be kept to get us up and running, and they made it very clear that we had to perfect these skills before they would sign us off! I could go on for hours on what they taught us and gave us this week but you’re probably starting to get to the point! Well the point is after this week I don’t believe I could have received better training from any other company and if the GFD is going to further our technical training you don’t have to look any farther! Spartan will meet and exceed our needs! Now this is my opinion and you know how critical I am! Lol! And if you don’t want to take my word on it just ask anyone whom received the confined space training this week.”

Thank you,

Art, Firefighter, GFD

‘The Bayham Fire and Emergency Services spent several years training in conjunction various third party training organizations with the goals of developing an NFPA 1006 compliant rope rescue training program. After spending several thousand dollars and our volunteers spending weeks training, we were no closer to a complete training package and qualified instructors. Then we were introduced to Spartan Rescue! I explained exactly what the Bayham Fire and Emergency Services required from a third party training partner.

Spartan sent their instructors to Bayham several times to scout our unique terrain and local risks and to evaluate our equipment and capabilities. They completely developed a totally unique, made for Bayham training package, including all pre-course materials, PowerPoint packages, practical job performance requirement sheets, all the NFPA 1006, 2013, at a cost that was very reasonable for our department. Spartan sent us the most qualified instructors available in Ontario. Not only did every instructor have a vast knowledge of the subject, they ALL have real life experience performing technical rescues in Ontario. All training and learning was enhanced because the trainers related first hand experiences. The training was first class.

In addition to the excellent training package and delivery, Spartan Rescue completed all training in accordance with Section 21 Guidance Notes.

Training plans were developed and approved, accountability, entry control and safety officers were on site and in place for all practical training sessions. Spartan Rescue is the most professional and capable third party training company that I have ever worked with, and I look forward to working with them in the future!’

Thank you,

Gord, BFES

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