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At Spartan Rescue Inc. our goal is to help educate rescue professionals through the delivery the highest quality training by utilizing safe, efficient and functional techniques and equipment. Spartan Rescue Inc. only employs experienced professional rescuers as lead instructors who have actually applied their trade in the field. All of our lead Instructors are passionate about the disciplines they teach and have been hand selected from organizations that frequently preform the types of skills they are required to teach. Some of our lead instructors sit on, or act as chairman for various government and industry committees pertaining to these subjects. As a result of this, all of our instructors do not teach every discipline in order to allow them to refine their knowledge on their few subjects of focus!

All of our courses have been developed by special operations professionals from Fire Departments, Police Services, EMS, the Military and other industry professionals. We realize that no 2 members’ needs are exactly the same and focus our course delivery to meet those specific needs. Our “hands on” practical approach to training encourages all members to not only learn new skills and techniques, but practice and become proficient in them by providing the proper instructor to student ratios and an abundance of world class equipment, customized training props and realistic scenarios.

Additionally, Spartan Rescue Inc. considers all course attendees as “members” instead of “students.” You will find that our instructors’ value member input and experiences as a resource to continuously improve the safety, efficiency and function of these disciplines. Our motto is to “Talk with you, not at you!” After your enrollment in a course, you will become a Spartan Rescue Member for 2 years.  Members will have access to post course resources and the support section of our website. Through this we are hoping to become a continuous learning resource to help prevent member skills from diminishing after the course is complete.  Members will have access to various discussion forums with other like-minded members, video clips of typical evolutions broken down by each discipline, member events and new course opportunities, equipment information from the manufacturer and access to course instructors.

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