Spartan Rescue


Andrew Brassard

Andrew is a firefighter with the Milton Fire Department. Additionally, Andrew also previously served as a Training Officer in Milton and has been instrumental in forming the departments technical rescue programs. Andrew is an Instructor in Rope, Ice, Fire Ground Operations, Confined Space, and Vehicle and Machinery Rescue for the MFD. In 2006, Andrew was one of two Milton Firefighters who received both the Ontario Medal for Firefighter Bravery and the MSA Fireslayer of the Year Award for Heroism for his role in saving the life of a civilian. Andrew is the Lead Instructor for Brotherhood Instructors Canada (a division of Spartan Rescue Inc.) that specializes in “back to basics” fire training as well as developing the origional hands on forcible entry training that has been so popular in North America. Andrew has also been both a lecturer and H.O.T. instructor at FDIC. He is a frequent writer for various Fire Fighter magazines and blogs in both Canada and the USA. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys welding, working on anything mechanical and spending time with his beautiful wife Paulette and their 5 children.

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan

Andrew graduated from the Algonquin College Pre-Service Fire program in 1999 and started his career with the Guelph Fire Department in 2000. He is currently assigned to Pumper 2, “The Deuce”, and is a member of the departments HAZMAT team, as well as being a Forcible Entry instructor for the G.F.D. Andrew also serves as an instructor at the Conestoga College Pre-Service Firefighter Program, teaching ; Structural Collapse Rescue, Trench Rescue, Forcible Entry, Search and Rescue, and Suppression Techniques.

Brandon Fife

Prior to becoming a Professional Firefighter for the city of Niagara Falls, Brandon was instructing and consulting in the private sector in areas such as Crane Rescue, Tower Rescue, Ski Lift Evacuation, Zip Line Evacuation, Confined Space Rescue, Industrial Rescue, Fall Protection, Fall Rescue, Rope Access Levels 1-3 and Amusement Park Ride Evacuation. Brandon currently acts as fire department program chairman and lead instructor for technical rescue in the City of Niagara Falls. Brandon currently holds a Level 3 Rope Access Technician certification with the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians and is a certified Trainer/Facilitator by the Ontario Fire Marshal, where he sits on the Provincial Technical Rescue Advisory board. Brandon has instructed a broad range of audiences across Canada including numerous fire departments, military operations, police , EMS, industrial rescue teams, emergency response teams, and special event rescue personal.

Chris Burke

Chris Burke

Chris Burke joined the Milton Fire Department in 1999 and began his interest in Technical Rescue soon after. He is currently the Program coordinator for Rope Rescue, Confined Space and Ice and Water Rescue for the MFD. Chris has also served the department for almost 3 years in the training division as a Certified Instructor and Trainer/Facilitator before returning to the floor where he currently serves as a Captain on the B shift. He has worked with and for a variety of Rescue companies over the years teaching firefighters, pre fire service students, military and civilian contractors in rescue techniques from both Canada and the US before deciding to partner and seek out like minded instructors that carry the same passion in technical rescue. He has also worked as a Standby Rescuer in the Industrial Sector as well as spending several years as a tree climber on a large tree removal crew. Chris also has worked as a Tower Rigger. Chris is also a Certified Rope Access Technician. In his off time Chris enjoys spending time with his wife Angela, and their 2 children.

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Chris Rowland

Andrew graduated from the Algonquin College Pre-Service Fire program in 1999 and started his career with the Guelph Fire Department in 2000. He is currently assigned to Pumper 2, “The Deuce”, and is a member of the departments HAZMAT team, as well as being a Forcible Entry instructor for the G.F.D. Andrew also serves as an instructor at the Conestoga College Pre-Service Firefighter Program, teaching ; Structural Collapse Rescue, Trench Rescue, Forcible Entry, Search and Rescue, and Suppression Techniques.


Brett Hill

Doug Collee has over 23 years in the fire service and more than 10 years in development and instruction in Confined Space Rescue, Hazardous Materials, Water Rescue and Rope Rescue. Since 2004, he has been an adjunct instructor with the OFC specializing in Hazardous Materials and other fire related courses. Doug is an Instructor in numerous disciplines, including SCBA, Auto Extrication, Forcible Entry, Firefighter Survival and Live Fire. Doug brings to Spartan Rescue Inc. experience in the fire service as well as private industrial applications of training and deployment of rescue programs. In 1991, Doug was hired as a career fire fighter with the City of Niagara Falls and later moved through the ranks to Acting Captain. In 2010, he became a Training Officer. In addition to this, Doug has also achieved his Company Officer Certification, Training Officer Certification, Trainer Facilitator and Master Trainer Facilitator through the Ontario Fire College. Since 2008, Doug has also been a Transportation Specialist and Helicopter Short Haul Operator. Doug brings a blend of experience dealing with Technical Rescue incidents and years of instructional experience at the highest levels.

Gord Harse

Gord Harse started with the Milton Fire Department in 2001. He later becoming an Acting Captain in 2009. Gord is a Certified OFC Trainer/Facilitator and has run and developed the Hazmat and Air Monitoring programs of MFD since 2002. Gord is a representitive on the Halton Region JEOSOG-CBRNE sub committee responsible for Regional Multi-Agency training and preparedness. Gord lives with his beautifal wife Keva, 2 boys in his home that he has been doing a “No more than three months, six tops” renovation since 2006.

J. Carson

Justin Carson

Justin began his fire service career as a volunteer firefighter in 1997 and served with various departments within the Windsor and Sarnia area. In 2002, Justin became a career firefighter with Brampton Fire & Emergency Services. In 2004, he returned to his hometown of Windsor, Ontario, where he currently serves as a career firefighter with Windsor Fire & Rescue Services (WFRS) and as a volunteer with the Kingsville Fire Department. Justin is a member of WFRS Special Operations Unit.

M. Hill

Michael Hill

Mike works for Niagara Falls Fire Department. He has been a career firefighter since 2005. He is an instructor in Rope Rescue and Confined Space Rescue. He is a trainer/facilitator and Pumper Operations instructor through the Ontario Fire College. Mike has been a Reserve Soldier in the Canadian Forces since 2004 and sits on the Board of Directors for St John Ambulance in Niagara Falls.

Mike Tesarski

Mike was originally trained in Detroit Michigan, as an EMT/paramedic (and is still an active paramedic). It was in Detroit that he had the chance to learn about Firefighting and took the opportunity to be taught by some of the best in the Detroit area. Hired by Mississauga Fire Department in 1999, he currently serves as a firefighter and acting captain where he has over ten years experience on his city’s Technical Rescue and Hazardous Materials team. As a member and coach of Mississauga’s Auto Extrication Team Mike has had the privilege to compete against, as well as learn from firefighters from around the world. Truly believing that ongoing training and education is essential to working within the emergency services, Mike has taught at a number of colleges and training institutions.

Bruno Lamarre

Bruno Lamarre

Bruno Lamarre joined the St-Lambert Fire Department (St-Lambert, Quebec) a small department on the south shore of Montreal, in 1996, as a paid on call firefighter. Here he was part of the water/boat rescue, and high angle rope team. In April 1999, Bruno was hired as a career firefighter on the Mississauga Fire Department (Mississauga, Ontario) where he is currently employed. While employed in Mississauga he was a shift-training instructor covering apparatus, and pumping, defensive driving and fire ground operations. He has served on various companies, including 5 years on technical rescue squads. He currently holds the position of acting captain on one of the haz-mat, confine space, and trench rescue companies. Bruno served for over 16 years in both the British and Canadian armed forces, full time and as a reservist. He was employed as an infantry squad/section commander, and later as a reconnaissance troop officer, and a rappel master. Bruno served on numerous operations and posting, including united nations peacekeeping in the Middle East, and a tour in Northern Ireland.


Steve Clark

Steve is a Firefighter with the City of Hamilton, where he currently is a member of the Hazardous Materials Team, and also an Associate Instructor through the Ontario Fire College for Hazardous Materials. Previous to being hired in the Fire Service, Steve worked in the Private Sector as a both a Rope Access worker (IRATA Certified) and also as an Instructor and contract worker in Rope Rescue, Confined Space Rescue and Hazardous Materials Response. Steve has worked and taught in numerous areas across the country and has Instructed various organization including Fire, Military and Civilian workers.

Jeff Clayton

Jeff Clayton

Jeff Clayton is a third generation firefighter, and a 20 year student of the fire service.In 2001 Jeff was hired by Brampton Fire and Emergency Services (Brampton, ON) where he has had the opportunity to serve on some of the departments’ busiest companies. Jeff currently holds the rank of Captain and is assigned to the departments Technical Rescue team. He has previously taught RIT, Engine and Truck Co. Operations for Brampton Fire. He has also had the privilege of teaching nationally and internationally. Jeff holds numerous firefighting certificates from the Ontario Fire College as well as a Certificate in Fire Service Leadership from Dalhousie University. Jeff enjoys bringing the basics of firefighting back to the forefront of the fire service.


Phil Roberto

Phil is a volunteer firefighter with Niagara Falls Fire station #6,he has over 20 years experience in the door and hardware industry and has been with the Canadian Door Doctor over 15 years. Phils’ experience in the door and hardware industry provides a wealth of knowledge to the Brotherhood Instructors Canada and Spartan Rescue Inc. Phil is responsible for creating some of the most cutting edge training props available through Spartan Rescue Inc. Phil is a OFC Trainer Facilitator, Forcible entry, Auto extrication, Fire fighter survival instructor, and has taken many courses to become the best he can be. When Phil can find spare time he spends it with his wife Julie and his two girls Ryleigh and Sadie

Craig Smith

Craig has been in the Fire Service for 14 years. He started as a volunteer firefighter with the Guelph-Eramosa Fire Department in Rockwood in 2000, then was hired full time in Guelph in 2002. Craig is assigned to his departments Confined Space team, Haz mat team and Machine rescue team and is the Program Coordinator for the departments Confined Space Rescue Team and Co coordinator for the departments Machine Rescue program. Craig is also one of our platoon trainers for confined space rescue, rope rescue and machine rescue. Craig currently holds a Lead Instructor position at Conestoga College in the Pre Service Fire Program, where he has been actively instructing since 2006.