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Spartan Rescue Inc. offers a variety of services and products and therefore is always looking for individuals who possess a unique blend of skills ranging from occupational health and safety to emergency services. Below are some of the opportunities that exist within the company:


At Spartan Rescue Inc. we are always looking for experienced rescuers who have the enthusiasm, positive attitude and instructional capacity required to add to our team of professionals. Typically, instructors will progress through a three stage development program prior to becoming a lead instructor in a specific discipline. This will allow potential instructors to become familiar with internal procedures and course format, co-instructing different skill stations and practicing instructional methods and finally acting as lead instructor while under supervision of an established senior lead instructor. All instructors are responsible for practicing and enforcing internal guidelines and policies.

Sales and Marketing:

Spartan Rescue Inc. offers a variety of occupational health and safety services and equipment and therefore requires a sales team which has an understanding of the applicable guidelines and legislation to offer the highest level of customer service to our clients and partners.

Professional Rescuers:

Spartan Rescue Inc. offers standby rescue services through our partners providing clientele with experienced rescue crews to assist with Confined Space Rescue and Rescue from Height. Our experienced crews are comprised of professional rescuers with the appropriate internal training combined with practical experience. Potential Professional Rescuers will be required to progress through a three stage development program prior to becoming a Team Leader.

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